Necessities In The Outer World Can Demand a Change in Life

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When the needs or desires bite in the outer world, they drive the requirement for change.  If you reflect back into your own life, would you find this is so?


Ancient mythologies and philosophies indicate that the HAPPENINGS of life are just TOOLS to change & evolve us - Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.


The primary needs for most people are


If one considers these words carefully, we will find that what these words signify for us in a positive way are EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION or FULFILLMENT

However, many of us have negative emotions of worry or fear connected to these words that make us feel changevery uncomfortable.

Once we get awareness, by observing the existence of these feelings, we have access to an important tool that we can use to tell us WHAT IT IS THAT WE WOULD PREFER TO FEEL..... so simple really.


Instinctively, we are seeking the answers to this question, and many of us are acting out unknowingly ineffective behaviours, thoughts and decisions to get these emotions satisfied in some or all those areas of our lives.

We know no better.

We are following the subconscious conditioning of our parents, family, environment and media material that we have been exposed to in the early years in our lives.

We continue to be exposed to them today, particularly with media and the people we have around us.


Let us take WEALTH for example.

Are you playing out the money management behavior of your parents or environment?

Did they have difficulty bringing enough money in?

Do you have the same patterns in your life?

Do you dream of having enough or a surplus of money with no debt?

Do you dream of living in a particular lifestyle that requires money to achieve & you just cannot seem to get the money together to achieve this dream?

These are just some of the many questions that arise when we study the results in our lives around money.

The GOOD NEWS IS, this can be turned around.

Some people have instinctively done this by setting and achieving financial and career goals.  However, unless they have cleared the deeply held negative energy around the issue of money, they will usually sabotage themselves financially, at some time in their life.  It is a wake up call when they do.

So how do we change our deeply held unconscious beliefs around Money?

Where and how are these beliefs encoded?

The basic communication system to the human mechanism, science is now finding, is Energy - pre thought is Energy.  Our deeply held beliefs about ourselves and about the world outside of us is held as energy throughout our body, as in the subconscious.  This level of our consciousness is immensely powerful and is what is used to manifest and project our beliefs & thoughts out into the world through our energetic vibration.

This vibration is like an attracting and rejecting magnet.

This being so, science and philosophy are now speaking to each other.  Neuro Science is now proving what most ancient wisdom has taught, on how to clear and program the subconscious and direct it, utilizing its immense power to create & manifest.  This is the home of INNOVATION & CREATIVITY.

Reprogramming our subconscious to work with us in the domain of earning and growing our wealth base, is now available in a scientifically backed program that is simple & easy to implement.

It has been created by leaders in this field who have implemented these studies in their own lives raising themselves to achieve success in their chosen fields.

Completing the circle of giving back these valuable lessons and this knowledge, is now their desire to contribute back to the world in gratitude for what they have achieved.

To become part of this very energetic, active and supportive community of students and mentors who seek to encourage others to live fulfilling lives,

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