Manage your Life Like You Manage Your Money

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Do you struggle to Manage Your Money and are challenged to Manage Your Life as well? Do you feel frustrated with life & that something is missing?

Manage Your Life

Lighthouse to Your Future

Manage Your Life and manage your money with the same skills for accountability & measurement………

Today listening to an update on a Property Investment Fund, this phrase really resonated with me ….. “Money follows the Management” – the context for this statement was understanding the figures, their inter-relationship  & managing the outcomes to set bench marks to achieve the purpose for the investment.

This was daily management & focus towards the purpose.

All day, this phrase has been running through my head and upon reflection, it came to me that this applied to our lives as well……

It is said “Time is Money“, so if you were to substitute TIME in the forgoing context then, could you follow the Manage Your Lifesame system to Manage Your Life?

Are there some simple, clear cut steps you could put in place to Manage your Life in the MOMENT OF TIME?

Let us use Reverse Engineering to put this together – it may help to write it out

Your Purpose/Vision:  Do you have a clear inner picture filled with positive emotions of this –

  • What is the purpose for your time on this planet? It has been suggested, evolution of ourselves or to some, our soul’s journey.  Why do you get up in the morning, could be another similar question to ask yourself.
  • How would you like to show up in your life and the life of those around you? Kind, compassionate, tender, gentle, purposeful, honest, authentic, etc?
  • How would you like to be seen in business?
  • What would you like to contribute to those around you?
  • How would you like to show up in your family as father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son etc.?
  • How would you like to show up in your community?
  • Clarify one aspect to create the Intention for the Day

Your Goals:   – the Milestones to fulfilling your Purpose – chose 1 to focus on for this week

Your Strategy: – the plan of Action to achieve this Milestone

Your Tactics:  –  the steps to activate the Strategy

Your Time:     –  the ‘coin’ of your life

Let us now put a simple daily system together, to see if you could Manage your Life better.



1   Wake up in the morning and take 10 minutes to visualize your Purpose, Goals, Strategies & Tactics and set your Intention for the day.  By doing this, you would be creating a Framework of being on Purpose for the day ahead.

2   Set a reminder. say every hour of the day, to take 1 minute to touch base with your Intention for the Day & your goal and its tactics.  Visualize it, feel it & review it.

3   Evaluate yourself on how focused and on purpose you have been in the last hour and make any adjustments necessary for the upcoming hour.  Remember your intention is to be living your Purpose & connecting with what is important to you to manage your life.


  • I wonder how you would feel about yourself at the end of the day?
  • Would you have been living your highest values during the day?
  • How much would you have achieved?
  • Would this make a difference to your life, how much and in what way?
  • What would your stress levels be?
  • What could you do differently?
  • Can you be more efficient & effective?
  • What new skills or knowledge do you need to acquire?

This would be an invaluable exercise in the process of re-training your sub-conscious mind to be your ally and to integrate your focus on what really matters in your life.  Manage Your Money, Manage Your Life.

I would like to invite you to a challenge to join me and to Commit  to doing this for the next 7 days and see what the results are for you.

Join me on social media and my Facebook page and share what you are observing about yourself & your day……

Are the benefits from the results of this week, worth the effort to continue this ritual to increase your focus & awareness on how you manage your time to live on purpose & achieve your goals.

If this 7 day challenge creates positive change for you and you would like to delve more into living a Mindful Life on Purpose, reducing Stress & understanding more about how your inner world works…. I invite you to share the Wisdom and Research of Mark Waldham.

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