Overcoming the Fear that Stops You

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Overcoming the fear that stops you in life is vital to live a fulfilling life

How many times have you wanted to do something that was out of your comfort zone, like travelling overseas by yourself or going to a party on your own?

How many times have you had a good idea about how to make money, and never put it into action?

At these times, did you have an inner conversation going on as to why you should not move forward on implementing these ideas?  Did your fear stop you & demotivate you?  Do you want to overcome the fear to move forward in life?

Fear is a natural emotion that in its purity is to keep you safe.  It triggers three different physical responses through your nervous system and in nature many animals use these triggers to escape danger.  Can you think of any?

Overcoming the Fear

However, in the advanced life of today, whilst danger does still exist, if you want to live a fulfilling life by achieving your goals and dreams, this safety mechanism can become a hindrance rather than an aide, especially if the fear is triggered by a past experience that was unpleasant or painful to you emotionally or physically.

What Is YOUR Story?

We all have a story to tell about our past which contains good and bad experiences.  Some people remember the bad times much easier than the good times and it is these people who are entrapped by fear – are you one of these people? Overcoming the fear that stops you in life is a process that you can be empowered to implement.

Imagine how will you feel after you have up skilled yourself with knowledge and tools to overcome the Overcoming the Fearparalysis of this fear that sabotages you either directly or indirectly.

Will you be more confident?            How will your life look?

Fear is an energy that can be felt and sensed.  This energy is held in existence within our nervous system & sub conscious by the story we have about ourselves or our past, and we often feel very contracted & small when fear is driving us in these stories.  We keep replaying this story to ourselves in pictures, sounds and feelings and to others, when the occasion arises, often to seek support or attention and thereby keeping the story alive.

CHANGE your story in your sub conscious and you change your energy.  You now free yourself to move forward in life with lightness, hope, confidence and trust thereby overcoming the fear.

So simply said or written, but it is the HOW of what to do to overcome the fear that really matters.  That requires to be learnt & practiced  as a daily ritual to start the freeing process.

Here are 8 steps to create a framework to help you overcome the fear of moving forward:

1. Turn your attention from the past to               the future

Step one to Overcoming the fear is to step away from it and leave it behind you.  Turn your attention from your past to your future, even if it is unclear to you now.  Dwell on this to get clarity asking yourself empowering questions of what could you be or do if there were no limits.  Visualize the desired outcomes in your mind’s eye.  What would excite you or make you happy if you could have it in your life now?  The answer to this one question, that is contemplated upon to bring it to light, is the first step to start living your life ON PURPOSE and overcoming the fear that stops you.

2. Ask yourself

Overcoming the Fear

“What would I need to do, be, or think to have these things in my life”?  What kind of person would I be if I had them, what would I say, act or think?  Make a list of all the necessary steps or requirements.  At this point of time in any order will do.

3. Prioritize

Once the list is complete, prioritize it in a logical sequence of steps and visualize this as climbing up a set of stairs to a door.  Have fun with this process, keep it light and joyful – this lighter energy is important to start to overcome the fear.

4. Time for Achievement

Now give the steps a time frame to be achieved.  Do you find that there are smaller steps coming to mind that require to be achieved first?  If so write these down in sequence and give them a time frame within which to be completed.

Little steps lead up the bigger steps and an increased sense of self esteem & confidence in yourself will develop with every little step you complete and get closer to the door.  It is a step by step process to reach that door.

5. Reassurance 

Overcoming the Fear

Are you one of those people who get feelings of panic and fear just thinking about doing this process?  I used to be that person, and gradually I over came the fear with gentle persuasion and persistence in my belief that I deserved to have a fulfilling life, that I lived with purpose, achieving dreams that made me happy.  Overcoming this fear was persistent work.

6. Visualize

Create a picture in your mind of you climbing up the staircase leading to the door that will open to your dream, and give the whole process including your dream lots of joyful emotion, & sounds of fun and enjoyment.

7. Dream Write

Write your dream down in great descriptive detail and read it every night and morning before you start your day giving it the juice of positive and happy emotion.  Here you are starting to loosen the bonds of the old story because now you are focusing on a new story to overcome the association with the fear created in the past.

8. Action – Time to practice the skills to             Overcoming the Fear

Get into ACTION by diarizing time to take the necessary action to climb the first step to completion.  Give this a priority to get it done within the time frame.

Overcoming the FearThis is when the fear will kick in because you are making a change to the old story and change flushes fear and negativity to the surface in many forms that require to be recognized for what they are and not reacted to.

This is the framework in a simple format to start to live a life on PURPOSE that is the first step to Overcoming Fear, but the devil is in the detail that resides in the Inner World within you from here on – this is where the inner mastery work starts.

CHANGE has to happen for something new to OCCUR in your life.

The journey of life can be a mix of smooth roads or rocky ravines & mountains.

Life can also be a lonely & fearful journey for many, and it is very necessary to have a supportive encouraging community of people around you when the going gets tough.  Are you ready to seek out this kind of positive and inclusive community?

Learning & implementing the life skills and the tools to start the necessary mastery of your Inner World requires mentors, & a driving desire to achieve your dreams because you deserve to have them.  These mentors are those that have been before you and have the experience & learnt the necessary skills and are willing to share them with you to help you through these times – this is vital.

Would you agree?

Many people try to ‘tough it out’ and do it on their own, but sadly they usually are stuck and wasting valuable time to move forward in their lives to happier times – the years are going by.  Be honest, is this you?

If this article resonates with you and you are ready to start that change, then I invite you to ACT now to begin the new chapter of your life by clicking the link below.  This could well be the doorway to a happier and more fulfilling future for you, so make a commitment to yourself and just take that one step forward to find that mentor & community, and practice, practice until it becomes who you are.  Do it now:



Winning the Game of Fear
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