Review of Achieving Your Goals

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What do you do when you are missing your target for achieving your goals.

Step by Step

Frustration with yourself will pull you backwards from achieving your goals so……

What do you do to counter this feeling?

To counter the feeling of frustration at not making progress towards the achievement of your goals, POSITIVE ACTION is required with empathetic feelings of self encouragement.

If you reflect on your feelings of frustration and listen to your inner self dialogue, it is possible that you will hear an angry parental voice chastising you – it may even sound like one of your parents or a teacher at school.  But, who is the ‘you’ that is being chastised?

That is a strange question, isn’t it?Achieving Your Goals

Let me ask you – just because you are of an adult age, does that mean that all parts of you are a confident adult, living on purpose all the time?  Are there not times, when you do not feel like a confident adult at all but rather like a child playing grown ups?

This is when self encouragement & some adult direction is needed in place of chastisement.

You may know intellectually what needs to be done but have you integrated the process into your sub-conscious so that all parts of you are in sync.  How many times do you have to hear something to really ‘GET IT’ so you do not have to think about it but automatically follow the process?

Frequently reviewing the process of achieving your goals to integrate it is a very worthwhile practice, especially if you are not making progress towards the desired outcome.

Whilst you are doing that, it is vital to evaluate what you are doing right and take the time to acknowledge and feel your feelings of satisfaction  – positive affirmation to yourself is very important to the process of integration.

At the same time, assess what needs to be improved.  Are there new skills or information required to overcome the block – seeking clarity on this so you can address the issue is further self encouragement, sometimes we do need help and there is nothing wrong in asking for it.

With this in mind, I would like to share 2 videos that, in my opinion, nail the process for achieving your goals….. It is highly recommended that you take the time to go through them to review & evaluate the process …..

Did you get any insights?

How did your evaluation go?  What requires to be improved and how will you do this?  Did you take notes or review your strategies & tactics?

Measuring and accountability are necessary for us to be able to respond to the feedback.  It is so very important to keep yourself on track.  Then Practice, Practice, Practice to achieve Life Changing Mastery.

We all have this challenge to counter the distractions from the outer world, but unless we go inside on a daily basis and re-align ourselves with our Purpose, Goals, Strategies & Tactics we risk going off track, not living our values & what is most important to us.  We therefore hinder moving forward in our lives and living authentically.

If you have drawn the line in the sand that change has to happen or else you will just get the same that you have got, you will take the time to do this review.  You will decide to give up TV for an evening, you will book an appointment with yourself to go through these videos.  If you can get your partner to go through them with you as a couple, or  a friend who will hold you accountable, you are getting positive support to help you keep on track and be creating some bonding time…..  Give yourself a chance, stand apart from your excuses and just decide to do it.

In my next blog, I am issuing us all a 7 day challenge to hold ourselves accountable to each other for 7 days.  Old habits die hard but new ones can bring us freedom……

If you have drawn a line in the sand that from this point on change must happen, then give yourself a chance and make a decision to give up TV for the night or book a 2 hour appointment with yourself to go through these videos, take notes and make adjustments.  Watch with your partner or a friend that will hold you accountable to support you to move forward in life to achieving your dreams of something different;  this could be a great bonding exercise…..








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