Who Are We

We are passionate about sharing the knowledge, that the directed use of the Power of the Subconscious can Change Lives & Open the Door to Inner Freedom

Life Changing Mastery

To Soar Above Life Whilst Living

My Story

Parenting a single parent for 50 years since the age of 10 created the opportunity for many Challenging Life Lessons.

Leaning how to emotionally & financially survive in a very co-dependent relationship, let alone migrating to two new countries, required a steep learning curve.  Learning to live life, build character & develop a guiding compass of values from which to make decisions in challenging circumstances.

The buck stopped with me.

It was necessary for me to learn & train myself in effective Living Tools.  To implement them as fast as I could in a constantly changing framework to achieve the life I wanted to have, and be the person I wanted to be.

It is still a work in progress but now I have many years of experience, intuition and knowledge to share – IT CAN BE DONE

The Secret is grasping & using the Key of Awareness  To be aware that you yourself are the Creator of your Life. Understanding that what has been programmed in the subconscious is the driver of your thoughts, & influences the decisions you either make or do not make in your life.  This creates your energy field that attracts others that vibrate at the same level.

I have studied many modalities of personal development, had energy clearing  sessions, am accredited as a Master of NLP,  trained in Voice Dialogue & Meditation, and Inner Child Work to just name a few.


What is Offered at Life Changing Mastery

You will be exposed to the most effective Programs, People and Opportunities that will cut to the chase of reinventing yourself and your life.  Leaders in their field on the global stage.

To communities of people that have integrity, loyalty and authenticity in themselves and what they do.  Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

The subjects covered will be not only Personal Development, but also Financial as well as Business Practice and Development.

Training in the most effective tools for living, and the latest knowledge upgrades that are occurring in the field of neuro science.

Are your highest positive Values being met for Happiness, Financial Stability, Good Health and Loving Relationships that support you in life?

Life Changing Mastery is about exposing you to the tools for LIVING A LIFE WELL LIVED at your level of CHOICE. It is my privilege to contribute to your journey through life.