The Power Of The Subconscious Mind to Win the Money Game

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 Power of the Subconscious mind

Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind to win the Money Game Is a Skill to be Mastered.

The “M” word for many people brings up disturbing and uncomfortable feelings.

Usually these feelings are driven by the most basic of all feelings (energy) and that is FEAR.  I would ask you to STOP a minute and focus in on what do you FEEL when thinking of the word money.  What do you see in your internal world?

Individuals  respond to these feelings in different ways.  For some they go into FLIGHT or FREEZE mode using DENIAL, DISASSOCIATION AND/OR AVOIDANCE.

For others, they go into the FIGHT mode and the “M” word excites them and drives them forward to get as much as they can, NO MATTER WHAT.Power of the subconscious mind

There are many reasons for these responses, but the most fundamental one is, these days MONEY is associated with SURVIVAL & POWER/STATUS within our society on an individual basis.

As children, we have an instinctive relationship with survival initially.  Then as we develop we become aware of status & power with our peers or within our family group.

 For those of us with children, would you agree with this?

The reality is, this relationship is carried through into adulthood on a broader basis with an additional impact word called RESPONSIBILITY.

Children, get imprinted by how their parents, family or society respond to the “M” word within their environment.  This is deeply held in the subconscious.  The power of the subconscious mind then embraces this imprinting and  sets up the thinking & behavioral patterns around the making & management of money in their adult years.

The power of the subconscious mind is immense and far reaching.

Sabotage & Blame

Many people are having to deal with how they SABOTAGE their opportunities to earn, save or invest money.  This sabotage pattern is often reflected back to them from the external world and further AVOIDANCE occurs with the natural inclination to BLAME the outside world or other person.  It is always something else or someone else’s fault.

If this is occurring frequently in your life, a good question to ask yourself is…..


Why ask that question?

Neuro-Science and its discovery of how we play the money game

power of the subconscious mind

Neuro- Science is finding that the energy within us associated with certain beliefs that we have about someone, or something, or our emotional response to something, acts like a magnet – both positively or negatively.
Indigenous people & Eastern religions & philosophers have known this for eons, as have the wisdom holders of our own past history & families.

If you have a positive imprint towards abundance & money from your early years, then you will attract positive results back to yourself.  You will hear someone described as having the ‘MIDAS TOUCH’ –  it appears that everything they doPower of the subconscious mind turns to GOLD. These people usually have a balanced view around the subject of money and they live from a personal space of abundance,  confidence and healthy self esteem.

If you have a negative or conflicting imprint towards money, then the results around money will be negative or conflicting ie making money one minute and losing it the next.  Some people are driven by this negativity to make money no matter what and no matter how much they have, they never seem to feel they have enough.  I am sure you know people like this.

Often these people have a personal space of SCARCITY.  There is never enough for them in life, which is reflected in their lack of confidence and self esteem.  Often they have VICTIM energy around them and life is unsafe to them.

How to Reprogram & Use the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Learning how to change the past story held in the subconscious is vital to turning this imprinted pattern around.  Our emotions and our thoughts are reflected in the decisions we make every minute or the decisions we DO NOT make and these decisions create our life.

The question is



This is the FIRST STEP to be addressed to win the Money Game.

Creating change in your inner world of the subconscious is vital to be Power of the subconscious mindSUCCESSFUL at playing the money game.  Yes, it is a game, and to think of it this way brings those childlike feelings into play.
There are skills to be learnt that is for sure.  There are opportunities to be found, and there is the HOW of putting it all together to be mastered in a systematized way.
It all starts from WITHIN YOU and your ability to grasp the mastery of the power of the subconscious mind.

Are you ready NOW to start to play the Money Game?

Are you ready to start the process of changing and using the power of your subconscious in a positive way and learning the skills you will need to be successful – IT IS EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW.

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